Rules of Release

White Wing Dove Connection


We release only well trained all white racing pigeon stock.
We only release our doves outdoors during daylight hours up to two hours before dusk to give the doves plenty of time to fly home safely.
We will not release doves out of their flying range.
We will not release doves during adverse weather conditions as this would jeopardize their safety.
We will answer any questions that you may have as quickly and as professionally as possible.
Our birds are kept in tip top health. They are cleaned and wormed correctly and regularly.
We can not be held responsible for the soiling of clothes as a result of a doves movements but shouldn't be a problem if held correctly (hand held releases mainly). ​We will arrive on time for our engagements, and will be dressed professionally.
All releases will be professional.
We can arrange with your photographer to take photos of the Bride and Groom holding and releasing our white doves.  We can bring doves to pose with the Bride and Groom for pictures after the ceremony. The Bride and Groom release pair after pair of doves. It creates the perfect setting for spectacular photos. Additional fee added.

If you have any questions then we will be only too pleased to answer them for you, just get in touch.

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