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Dove release for funerals and memorials

Celebrate the life of a loved one with our special commemorative dove releases.

We cater for all religions and beliefs, including the traditional three white doves in recognition of the Holy Trinity.

Tasteful and respectful, our services help symbolize the passing of a loved one. Hand releasing doves is incredibly popular at these ceremonies.

​We can even provide an appropriate poem or verse for you to say as you release the doves. We are also happy to read something out for you if you wish.

Our white dove releasing for funerals and memorials include:

·  Tasteful and respectful ceremony
·   Commemorative dove release
·   All religions and beliefs
·  Hand releases welcome
· Poem or verse provided

We understand your feelings and strive to be flexible around your needs. As such, we can provide home, church and graveyard dove releases.

White Wing Dove Connection