Dove Release Frequently Asked Questions

As you will see our birds at White Wing Dove Connection are well taken care of, in fit condition, and representing what a dove release should be. Remember its not only about quantity and prices but it is also about quality. Below are some frequently asked questions. . . . .

Q : Are they really doves?
A: Yes, they are in the dove family and are called "Rock Doves". They are a beautiful blend of pure athletic white homing birds and pure white doves. They should not be mistaken with pigeons or turtledoves found in local pet shops. Our doves have the appearance of a small beautiful white dove and the ability to fly home.

Q: Do "Rock Doves" really fly back home?
A: Yes! They really do.

Q: How do they know where "home" is?
A: Nobody really knows. A well-trained rock dove appears to use many senses to "navigate". Although not clearly understood, their ability depends on breeding, good health, and extensive training with a knowledgeable handler.

Q: Do the birds circle after the dove release?
A: Our doves are trained to return home to our business and their is no guarantee on the amount of circles that the doves perform. How long our rock doves will remain in the release depends on the birds decision on whether or not they feel comfortable with their surroundings. Some releases may have 6 circles above the crowd and others may have 2, but you will just have to see for yourself how many circles the doves give you on your special day.

Q: Do all doves know how to fly home?
A: No! We refer to our racing hybrids that have the ability to home. However, the Turtledoves (also referred to sometimes as ring necks or mourning doves) are poor flyers and should never be released into the wild!     

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